Brush Your Hair Regularly!! Benefits of Brushing

Shiny, Bouncy Hair is a sign of  health and vitality. One way to achieve this is to simply make a habit out of brushing your hair regularly. Brushing not only increases hair growth, but is a crucial role in maintaining the health of your hair and is required to keep your tresses detangled.


Benefits of Brushing

Makes your Hair SHINE!

Brushing regularly maintains a balance of the natural hair oils and, keeps your hair healthy.  By brushing your hair properly, you are activating  oils or sebum which is produced by the scalp that will keep hair naturally moisturized and shiny. Regular brushing will also remove dirt and dandruff from the hair shaft that may otherwise make the hair have a duller appearance.

Removes Accumulated Dirt and Sebum

We apply lots of chemicals on our hair, like gel, hair spray and hair conditioners. They often remain in our hair and cause it to be rough and difficult to detangle. Brushing regularly can make your locks free from the deposits and even stimulate hormone secretion. This helps hair grow properly.

Increases blood circulation

Brushing gives the head a beneficial (and pleasurable) massage.  Just by brushing your hair for 3-5 minutes will  increase the flow of blood and nutrients to the area, leading to a healthier scalp.

I brush my hair every morning and everynight.  Normally, I use a  medium size, wooden, cushion brush with nylon bristles.  Love this brush. It straightens, lightly smooths, detangles my hair and gives a light massage on my scalp.   Sometimes, after about the second week  and I’m back to my pony tails, I will use  a natural boar bristle/nylon brush for a more instense massaging effect and to really smooth my hair close to my scalp.
Natural boar bristle brushes are made of tightly packed boar bristles, each of which contain tiny scales that remove foreign particles including oil, dirt and dust from the hair with each stroke. In addition to this, the bristles are able to distribute oils or sebum from roots to the ends of the hair, this will  help stimulate blood flow around the scalp which both promotes hair growth and aids in relaxation. Because my hair is medium length, slightly thick  and curly, I use a 50% boar bristle, 50% nylon mix brush.  However,  short, fine hair responds better to 100% boar.
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